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Operating systems- Galvin solution

The attatchment below includes operating system concepts. This refers to contents like Computer-System Structures, Operating-System Structures, Processes,Threads, CPU Scheduling, Process Synchronization, Deadlocks, Memory Management, Virtual Memory, File-System Interface,etc.

DBMS-Henry Korth(4th edition) Book

A complete solution of Database systems concepts by Abraham Silberschatz, Henry Korth & S. Sudarshan.

IT 4th sem Practical files ipu

Practical files available in the documents attatched below for IT students of semester 4. The contents in the file are hand written and contain various experiments. Students of computer science may refer for preparation of practical files. #IPuniversity

SRM University 2nd yr EDC and Data Structure notes

SRM University notes (Regulation 2015) available for 2nd year students of the course computer science in the below attatched Pdf's. Attatchments contain revelant information about EDC and data structure, explaining topics such as Introduction – Basic terminology – Data structures – Data structure operations, ADT – Algorithms: Complexity, Time – Space trade off,Mathematical notations and functions, Asymptotic notations – Linear and Binary search, etc. #SRMuniversity

Computer Engineering

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course computer science and subject- Computer engineering. The content in the documents below comprises of Declaration of Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Parameter Passing Techniques, Language Support for Parameter Passing Techniques, etc.


learn everything about BIG DATA, from disparate sources.

APACHE hive interview questions

wondering what will be asked in the APACHE hive interview questions? Don't worry we will provide you with all the interview questions and material. Refer to the documents attatched below for reference.

Quantum computers

TOPIC:QUANTUM COMPUTERS DESCRIPTION: The following presentation cointains the information about the quantum computer it's definition and principle and working. It also includes the science behind the working of quantum computer and the applications of it. As there is advancement in science and technology one must have a prior knowledge on such things. Quantum computers are advancement of classical computers which has ability to change the fate of the computer world.


What is firmware,what does it do, expalined in this ppt. for video-


Sharing the notes of CSE DIGITAL WATERMARKING REPORT in brief. Watch the related videos on these links -


Sharing the notes of SOFT COMPUTING INTRODUCTION in brief for students of computer science, theoretical. The document inclludes topics such as Neural Networks, Neural Networks Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Logic Multivalued truth values, Genetic Algorithms, etc. Watch the related videos on this link -

aggregation in java